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The Art of Self-Advocacy

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A digital course from Christy Tending to help you become
a devoted accomplice in your liberation.

Because all the bubble baths in the world can’t wash away what’s internally misaligned.


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Does this sound like you?

Maybe you feel alone; you yearn to be heard and understood. Better yet, you ache to have your
needs respected and to be nourished, inside and out.

Maybe you feel like you’re fighting for survival. Maybe you’re simply fighting for a good night’s sleep (just me?).

Maybe it’s just that your stale approach to self-care isn’t working anymore. And if it isn’t? I’ll tell you right now: that’s not your fault.


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This is for you.

Audre Lorde once said that self-care is an act of political warfare. I dare us to make our healing radical again. That is, it needs to the root of the issue.

It’s time to take courageous action on your own behalf.

  • Tackle those bills, dentist appointments, phone calls and/or awkward conversations you’ve been avoiding for way too long.
  • Say what you really think and ask for what you really need: at work, on social media, in your creative work, in your relationships.
  • Dare to evolve the things in your lineage and life that are no longer serving you, but that you’ve been putting up with because that seemed easier.
  • Offer your whole self honest-to-god compassion and nourishment rather than punitive words or actions that reinforce your lack. Even those parts of you that seem less-than-lovable.

The Art of Self-Advocacy is now open!

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Inside this potent course, you’ll learn to:

  • Craft a mission statement, a self-advocacy policy—and a plan to get it all into motion.
  • Use declarative sentences to elegantly state your needs, desires, and boundaries, without apology.
  • Memorize the feeling of personal integrity and rightful action. (Even if you’re afraid it looks dorky.)
  • Evolve your daily habits to create internal alignment that reflects your values and value.
  • Wear your grown-up pants so you can make real progress (especially toward things you’ve been avoiding).
  • Resource yourself so that you chase what you want with fervor.
  • Claim your power even when you’re unsure.

After working with thousands of change-makers (as a facilitator, trainer, healer, and self-care mentor) over the last fifteen years, I know that self-care is essential to showing up wholeheartedly.

What I also know is that for many, it’s still a struggle to make it happen.


There’s still a gap between how you advocate for others
and how you advocate for yourself.

(That’s why I created The Art of Self-Advocacy.)

Why study with me? First of all, I’m an actual riot.

I’m Christy Tending. I created this site, and I’ve spent nearly twenty years shaking systems to their core and trying to build a more compassionate world.

The Art of Self-Advocacy was forged in the embers of my life practice.

I know firsthand how critical it is that we nurture ourselves well if we want to change the world for the better.

My passion for fighting injustice came naturally to me. Give me a cause, and I’ll happily chain myself to a tree for it.

But in my twenties, it nearly consumed me: health, sense of self, and all.

Learning to advocate for myself? That's the advanced work.

There are limits to what we can accomplish in our lives, our work, and our healing if we can’t take a stand for ourselves.

The Art of Self-Advocacy is what’s next.

(It’s how we really make things happen.)

So what’s included?

The Art of Self-Advocacy is a live, three-week program that helps you elevate and evolve your personal practice from care to advocacy. The Art of Self-Advocacy offers lessons, practices, and strategies to help you develop insight, gather courage, and take action—on your own behalf.

How it Works:

As soon as you sign up, you’ll receive access to the beautiful course platform and the Welcome Module, to help ground you and put this work into context.

At this time, The Art of Self-Advocacy is a self-guided course

Each Module Includes:

  • The module lesson as both a video class, and an mp3 (so you can download and listen).
  • Thoughtful prompts and practices, inside the course workbook (delivered as a pdf).
  • Two audio meditations to incorporate these lessons on a deeper level.

Access to Christy:

Due to the Coronavirus outbreak and school closures, I am not offering group video calls at this time. That being said, you will receive unlimited email access to me through the end of April, and (in some cases) video responses to your questions.

Investment: $97

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What People Are Saying

Take your shoes off. Have a seat. Get messy and scrappy.
Take fierce, sacred action for yourself.

Until Friday, March 20th at 7pm Pacific, I’m offering a “Pay What Works” Model:

No code: $97

Use code Advocacy1: $77

Use code Advocacy2: $57

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a “live” component to this class? At this time, The Art of Self-Advocacy is a self-guided course. That being said, you you will receive unlimited email access to me through the end of April, and (in some cases) video responses to your questions.

What do I need to do this course? An email account and a computer. A journal + pen. An internet connection. Optional: headphones for listening to the meditations; a printer to create a hard-copy of the workbooks.

How long do I have access to the materials?: You have access to the materials in the program for life.

Refunds/Cancellations: Due to the digital nature of this product, I respectfully do not offer refunds or cancellations for any reason. Part of becoming an awesome self-advocate is learning to honor your commitments (and their impacts). What I do guarantee is that you’ll get the very best of my teaching.

Can I share what I learn in this course with others? You are welcome to share any personal insights from this course with others. If you are sharing a particular piece of information, please credit me, as I credit my teachers. If you are interested in creating a similar course, I ask that you do not share any part of my presentations, audio recordings or workbook, including the practices therein.

Any other questions? If you need more information, please zip me an email at I’ll be happy to help you decide whether the course is right for you.


Join The Art of Self-Advocacy Now!


Until Friday, March 20th at 7pm Pacific, I’m offering a “Pay What Works” Model

No code: $97

Use code Advocacy1: $77

Use code Advocacy2: $57

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