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I believe in your liberation.

Ahoy! I’m Christy Tending.

I'm an activist, educator, podcaster, and writer living with my family
on occupied Ohlone territory (Oakland, California).

I truly love:
knitting, cat snuggles, and hiking in the redwoods.

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I'm an activist, educator, facilitator, and writer. I'm a self-care mentor and the host of the Tending Your Life podcast.

I'm a mama to two feral cats and one sweet-hearted kiddo. I'm passionate about slow everything: food, fashion, life.

Always anti-capitalist and anti-racist.

I’m obsessed with the mechanics of change: from the micro to the macro.

I help burned-out rebels and overwhelmed people-pleasers create sustainable self-care.

And I am here to support you in advocating for yourself as well as you advocate for everyone else.

Into typology?


Enneagram 4



Animal: Coyote

Other Fun Facts

The Strategy

I believe wholeheartedly that self-care is an essential piece of any strategy for building a more compassionate world.

For nearly 20 years, those two have been dancing side by side in my life: healing work and justice work. What I understand deeply is that these are not different from one another.

The self-care and healing work we do is simply a microcosm of the larger justice work we do in the world. Both are designed to create more love and freedom.

When we pursue these, we engage in both the political and spiritual. Raising children; making art; counseling others in their dark moments; ministering a wedding;

writing the book (or article or poem or post-it); teaching in any capacity; tearing down the fossil fuel industry.

Self-care is not an abdication of a purpose-filled life or a service-oriented heart.

It is possible to be of service and take good care of ourselves at the same time. Together, in concert, of this aims us toward something: greater compassion and more freedom for all of us.

Let’s take great care of ourselves and each other, so that all of us may be free.

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I know it’s easy
to take up a cause or serve others.

Learning to advocate for yourself is the advanced work.

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