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The first thing to know?
I believe in your liberation.

Ahoy! I’m Christy Tending.

Who I Am:

I'm an activist, educator, writer, + mama living in Oakland, California with my family + two cats.

My specialty is helping people dissolve overwhelm, heal burnout, develop mindfulness, and make a huge impact.

I aim to be: anti-capitalist, anti-fascist, anti-racist, and abolitionist in my work and life. I've been a direct action organizer since 1999.

I truly love: knitting, drinking coffee, snuggling my cats, soaking in hot springs, and hiking in the redwoods.

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work here.
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Enneagram 1w2

Sag Sun/Gemini Rising/Virgo Moon

Animal: Coyote

Other Fun Facts

The Strategy

Root Causes: It's time to excavate why we need self-care in the first place. By looking at root causes, we can create root solutions.

Both/And: You don't have to choose between making an impact and having a life that's personally meaningful. They can fuel each other.

Compassionate: Real self-care starts with compassionate presence with yourself. It needs to begin with caring before anything else.

Sustainable: Self-care should resource you deeply. It shouldn't be just another thing on your to-do list or another thing to burn you out.

Anti-Capitalist: You can break free from the narratives about needing more or hustling harder. You are allowed to show up as you are.

Liberatory: Our self-care is not freedom in and of itself. Our practice is a vehicle for freedom, but

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