What is Your Sacred Focus?

April 25, 2016

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So what is a Sacred Focus?

Sacred Focus is what matters most deeply to you – a few pursuits, areas of your life, people, or callings – that are asking for your very best. What Sacred Focus does is help you to detangle what these are so that you can show up fully for them. It’s about learning to say no and setting boundaries around what matters less. It’s about honing in on a few meaningful pieces of your life. It’s about decluttering the rest.

All so that you can bring your full magic to bear in those areas of your life.

And it’s about letting the rest go. As Greg McKeown, who wrote Essentialism, says, “Less, but better.” Sacred Focus isn’t about asceticism or deprivation. It’s actually the opposite. It’s about living into ourselves and what is truly calling our hearts.

It’s about deciding not to wish our lives away, but to follow what’s most important in our lives. And to apply our full gusto to that – instead of spreading our enthusiasm thin.

Our Sacred Focus is called that because it’s where we feel so caused to put our attention that it becomes a spiritual undertaking.

So what’s your sacred focus?

Well, that’s up to you.

It could be anything. It can be a little scary at first, because it may mean letting go of activities, roles, or habits that we’ve held onto for a long time. But the joy of releasing overwhelm to focus clearly on what you’re meant to?

It’s the best.

What if instead of scrambling to find time for your writing project or yoga practice, you actually had the space for those to happen regularly?

What if you had a reliable way of bringing your full self to your work?

What if this were the year that you finally find time for more travel?

This isn’t a guarantee; that part is up to you. But what if you could translate that longing into action? What if you could show up as your best self, rather than a run-down version of you?

What if you were proud of everything you made happen this year?

What does this have to do with self-care?

Good point! I rarely make it three sentences without talking about self-care, so let’s dive in here.

Self-care, as we’ve talked about, is custom, intuitive, feasible, and kind. Sometimes, self-care is a vacation or a bubble bath or your yoga practice. And sometimes it isn’t.

Sometimes, self-care is being fully present for yourself. Sometimes, self-care is meeting the reality of your life with integrity – and doing what you say you’ll do. Sometimes, self-care is letting go of what you think you “should” do, and doing less.

Sacred Focus honors all of this and makes space for it. Want more time for nurturing, even luxurious, self-care? You can make it happen. Want to dig in on making big things happen in your health, your family, even your work? You can clear the path for that to be real.


When you get yourself out of a state of constant overwhelm, that’s the time when self-care can actually happen. Otherwise, it’s more like triage.

So what are you going to make of your Sacred Focus?

What, as Mary Oliver asks, are you going to do with your one, precious life?

It’s really entirely up to you. But I would love to be your guide for the journey.


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