The Tiny Little Self-Care Class

July 17, 2017


Announcing: The Tiny Little Self-Care Class

A free course for people who feel seriously burned out—and need immediate relief.



The Tiny Little Self-Care Class- a free course for people who feel seriously burnt out and need immediate relief. Sign up for free here! >>

“I feel so overwhelmed.”

That’s a phrase that I hear from nearly all of my clients—along with, “I’m completely exhausted,” “Once I put out one fire, there’s always another one to deal with,” “I’m barely holding it together,” “I’m so depleted,” and “I just don’t feel good.”

That’s why I created The Tiny Little Self-Care Class: a free course for people who feel seriously burned out—and need immediate relief.

In this class, you’ll find simple, realistic ideas on how to reduce stress and anxiety, reclaim time for the commitments that matter to you, feel calmer and stronger, and just… have a better day.

Busy parents, creative entrepreneurs, nurses, teachers, community organizers, activists, and world-changers… People who give, give, give, and do, do, do… this class is my gift for you.




— How to take the class —

Sign up here for the Tiny Little Self-Care Class and you’ll receive a series of 7 emails: 1 welcome note, 5 self-care ideas, and 1 farewell note with a few more ideas and resources.

Each email is comforting and uplifting, and includes an audio recording if you’d prefer to listen rather than read.


— No time pressure —

Once you sign up you’ll receive 7 emails over the course of 7 days. But you don’t have to read everything right away. You can keep these emails in your inbox and peek at them whenever you want. There’s no rush.





— About the creator of this class —

Hi, I’m Christy! I’m the creator of this website, and I’m thrilled to be your guide from burnout, numbness and overwhelm to effective, joyful, impactful change-making.
I became a social justice activist when I was still in high school. By the time I reached my mid-20s, I’d logged thousands of hours of organizing work across North and South America: rallies, fundraisers, marches, protests, and non-violence trainings (and yes, I’ve been arrested once or twice.)

It took a full-on physical/emotional breakdown at 24 to realize, “Oh. Right. I’m a human being with a human body, not a machine. I have to learn how to refill my own well… or I won’t be able to continue doing the work that matters to me.”

Today, I’m still a passionate climate justice and Indigenous rights activist—but I’m equally passionate about self-care. I write articles on self-care for places like Tiny Buddha, Elephant Journal, MindBodyGreen, and Annapurna Living, I speak on podcasts, I facilitate self-care trainings for non-profit groups and conferences, and I create classes to help people heal from burn-out, find their Sacred Focus, and feel vibrant and strong.

I hope that my newest class—The Tiny Little Self-Care Class—helps you to smile, exhale, and feel a bit lighter as you move about your day. Sign up here, and I’ll meet you in your inbox! Love, support, and relief is on the way…



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A free tiny little self-care class for spirited beings who want to
create a life that's sacred lush and fierce.

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