Spring Clean Your Spirit

A free self-care mini-course from Christy Tending!

Shake off the winter blues + re-discover vibrant, nourishing self-care!

In this mini-course, you'll start fresh, lift your spirits, and dive into self-care that's sweet.

In this three-video series, you'll find light, bright and super do-able practices to get a fresh start so you can truly blossom this season.


  • Clear away the cobwebs, clutter and dullness that's keeping you stuck.
  • Shine a light on your highest intentions — so you can create a container for what is truly important (not just what feels urgent right now).
  • Refine some simple heart-centered practices to bring your spirit into the light and dissolve stagnation, confusion and overwhelm.
  • Stay aligned with your own heart, so you can create more of what lights you up.

It's never too late for a fresh start. If your self-care and your spirit have been a bit neglected, this mini-course is for you.

Inside, I'll help you turn over a new leaf. We'll slow down, define what calls our hearts, and then refine it into an action plan.

What if you could make this year a truly vibrant expression of your most sacred longings?


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