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Real Self-Care

A digital toolkit to help busy world-changers
craft awesome self-care

This is no cookie-cutter self-care, but rather about pure delight and honoring you as an individual.  This is about gritty healing and abundant inspiration that fits into your actual life.

This toolkit includes a 30 day e-book + reflection journal, a video masterclass, inspiration mini-book, and resource guide.

“It’s truly beautiful. I love how you broke it all down and offered up examples from your own life. The prompts help the reader create and navigate their way through their own process, all while being reminded that they are their own expert on how their self-care will look and feel.”

– Olwen Wilson, Healing Guide and Yoga Teacher, 

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Hella Metta

An audio meditation course to awaken
your compassionate heart

Discover a meditation practice that’s compassionate, easeful, and transformative. Learn how to make your cushion a true refuge that’s loving and liberatory.

This course contains more than 20 audio practices, two e-books, plus two video masterclasses, in addition to gorgeous bonuses!

“I started Hella Metta when I was visiting a sick family member, and the course was helpful in helping me remember and actively practice loving feelings, making my visit a really positive and loving experience. I felt that the delight I took in this daily receiving was a self-care act in itself.”

— Emily Van Engel, artist,

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Signature Workshops:

Resilience Practice: Wholehearted Action for Difficult Times – Live, April 13th

In this workshop, we’ll:

  • Uncover the narratives that keep us small and afraid of our power — and tools to flip the script.
  • Cultivate practices to support all dimensions of ourselves and our self-care during times of difficulty, grief, loss, fear, and uncertainty.
  • Hone our intuition and inner alignment in order to take skillful action that’s wholehearted and effective.

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Creating the Everyday Sacred

In this workshop, we’ll:

  • Investigate essential questions to ask yourself to identify what is personally sacred to you.
  • Explore ways to clear literal and figurative clutter to make space for more of what’s meaningful.
  • Gain practices for crafting ritual and practice, as well as practices for paring down what isn’t serving you.

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The Heavenly Abodes of the Heart

In this workshop, we’ll :

  • Dive deep into The Four Heavenly Abodes: compassion, sympathetic joy, equanimity, and lovingkindness.
  • Explore what they are and how they fit into meditation practice.
  • Gain perspective on how to cultivate these states in everyday life and for self-healing.

Join the workshop! ($7)

Your workshop tuition includes:

  • Link to an on-demand workshop video recording (with forever-access!)
  • PDF e-book of my workshop slides
  • Workbooks to support you during our workshop – and to chew on once it’s over



Praise from Christy’s students:

“Doing [Christy’s course] was wonderful. Christy know just how to present the information that will touch your heart, mind and soul. It is beautiful to be able to find some great guidance and advice for Self Care at a very busy time of the year.”

– Kerry-Jean Watson

“As someone who’s been focused on finding her way through complicated grief for a while now, I can tell you how deeply grateful I am to have found Christy’s work. Her voice is so warm, gentle, and real; like a good friend or sister who’s unafraid to reach a person in the dark waters and guide them to shore.  Or, more precisely, suggest solid ways for that person to (re)discover the resilience and refuge within themselves that’s always there, within the breath and silence.

Christy has helped me know and remember that I am worthy of my healing process and empowered me to begin to craft my particular water wings. In therapy, my word has always been buoyancy; without learning good self care, I couldn’t be making that genuine. And she doesn’t forget about the vital nature of connectedness, the giving that flows back and forth once we know how to replenish our wells.”

– Dawn Little

“The word that comes to mind when I think about Christy is sacred. Her vision for self-care is contagious. The way she holds space for you is precious. Spending time with her is undoubtedly transformation.”

– Ashley Beaudin, Leadership Mentor + Heart Encourager,