You & Me: self-care, healing & revolution in 2017

January 2, 2017

I really like clarity and giving generously.

Do you also like clarity? Are you interested in connecting? (With me, even?) Great! Here’s the scoop on all of the self-care, healing, and revolution that will be happening here in 2017!

You can make 2017 your most amazing and meaningful year ever. Check out resources for self-care, healing, and revolution, and click here to download your free workbook! >>

Since there are some big changes in the works for this coming year. I wanted to give you a sneak-peek at what’s afoot for 2017.

This includes awesome new things, magical shifts, and even spiffy things you may not have known that I offer. In addition to how we can work together, I also wanted to share a bit about how I’ll be working behinds the scenes this year, as well. As I welcome big changes into my life, I’m welcoming some evolution into my business as well.

You and me: self-care, healing and revolution.

This year ahead is going to test us all. We are going to need our self-care more than ever. We will need to deepen still our practices, our capacity for healing, and our vision for a compassionate world.

My goals for 2017 are really very simple:

Be of generous service.


Trust the process.

I’m honored to walk this path with you, and I’m humbled, as ever, to serve you. Below, I’m breaking down exactly how this is unfolding in my work, to give you a good sense of how we can connect in this coming year. I’m so looking forward the next steps!

(No spoilers, but skip down to “In the future…” for one of my big, shiny announcements!)


Sacred Focus

Sacred Focus is my flagship course.

As ever, I’m thrilled to be offering this course, in a more robust format than ever in 2017. It opens for registration a few times a year – you can get on the waitlist for early registration (and early-bird pricing!) right here.

In nine modules and nine video masterclasses, you’ll de-overwhelm your life and cultivate a self-care and spiritual practice that lights you up. You’ll also be invited to quarterly special events available *only* for my Sacred Focus students. (There’s a Spring Equinox day-long coming up on March 20th!)

This is my very best work and an accessible way to get lots of personal attention from me through quarterly small-group events.


Sign up for the waitlist to be the first to know when the course opens.

Self-Paced Courses and Toolkits

Looking to deepen your self-care? I offer self-care courses and toolkits that are available year-round. You don’t need to wait to dive into lovingkindness meditation with Hella Metta or a truly awesome self-care practice inside Real Self-Care.

All of these are available on demand and look deeply at the essential building blocks of my own self-care and self-healing practice.


The free self-care resource garden and my e-letter, Tending the Light

Every Tuesday, I send a sweet, encouraging letter that’s exclusive to folks on my list. I also include articles you might enjoy, extra resources, and even occasional discounts.

The best part? You get access to my free self-care resource garden. It’s always my aim to make my work as accessible as possible. As such, you’ll find a treasure trove of *totally free* self-care practices, workbooks, video workshops, and more. Want the secret password? Sign up right here.

Create more ease and fabulous self-care with the Crafting Your Life Workbook from Christy Tending. Grab yours here -- (1)Want to get started with all kinds of amazing self-care for the new year?

Download Crafting Your Life, my free workbook with essential questions that will guide you in making 2017 an incredible year! >>



Live speaking events

Getting in front of a live audience lights me up like a Christmas tree. In the last year, I’ve spoken at conferences like Soil Not Oil and Powershift. I’ve led workshops for non-profit organizations’ retreats and at universities.

I would love to talk with you about speaking at your event, conference or organization. for my rates and to discuss what I can bring to your audience.

Live online workshops

I love teaching workshops online. Every month, I offer a couple of different (free, live) learning opportunities, where I dive deep into self-care and self-healing practices that you can bring into your real life.

There’s always plenty of time for Q&A with me, plus awesome exclusive bonuses for attending live. These are some of my favorite ways to share learning and to connect with you. Browse the workshop calendar here and grab your spot!

My blog

I write about self-care practices, healing burnout, and what’s worked for me in my own practice over on the blog. I share my favorite resources and my sacred routines. As I welcome January, the schedule looks something like: new blog posts on Mondays; a Collective Care interview on Wednesdays, and my Sacred Circle round-ups on Fridays.

This will likely shift to fewer posts as the year progresses. (More on that in a minute.)

There’s quite an archive over there.

In the Future

This is where it gets interesting.

Sometime in late April, my family will be expanding! I’m so excited to announce that a new baby will be joining me, my sweetie, and our cats, Dorothy & Harriet in all of our adventures. Yes, we are thrilled. Yes, I’m feeling great and am loving this new dimension of my self-care. No, I’m not sure the cats have any idea what’s going on.

What this means for our work together

I’m going to take some time off from being a full-time self-care mentor, between when our sweet peanut arrives in the spring and the beginning of August. During my maternity leave, I’ll be offering my weekly e-letter, as well as blogs on a more sporadic basis.

I plan to resume live workshops and other more active teaching later in the summer.

But part of the beauty of this space is that you can dive into (most of) my courses or toolkits at any time and work through them at your own pace.


It is always a joy and privilege to do this work and to share it. Thank you for being here. I look forward to connecting in the new year.

Create more ease and fabulous self-care with the Crafting Your Life Workbook from Christy Tending. Grab yours here -- (1)Want to get started with all kinds of amazing self-care for the new year?

Download Crafting Your Life, my free workbook with essential questions that will guide you in making 2017 an incredible year! >>



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