Self-Care Circle: meditation, music and empathy

October 7, 2016

I love to round up some of my favorite self-care resources from around the web. Ideas for healing, joy, justice, and well-being. These are the self-care tips and resources that I believe in, that I use in my own life. I hope they serve you.

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Self-Care circle: resources for meditation, music, empathy & more! Plus a free self-care resource guide and workbooks! >>

From around the web:

From Clarissa Pinkola Estes: We were made for these times.

A new Le Tigre song is coming! Hurrah!

Combatting bullying through teaching empathy. Eff yeah.

From Yes + Yes: Why we resist things that will make us happy. (and what to do about it!)

Sia’s video for The Greatest is amazing and makes me cry like whoa:

“The ground for developing loving-kindness is realizing how often our 1st impulse isn’t all that kindly.” ~Judy Leif | This book + my course, Hella Metta.

Resources from me:

The 2016 Self-Care Resource Guide (free!)

Free Self-Care Workshops

This gorgeous guest post from the incredible Grace Quantock & my most recent post over on Grace’s blog.

Plus, my episode of Jump Start Your Joy and my guest post on Paula’s blog.

In my life:

Zinc lozenges and slippery elm lozenges

Super-thick cowls for extra snuggliness

Re-runs of Gilmore Girls

Chai lattes while walking in the autumn sunshine

Want more free resources?

Browse the free self-care resource garden for workbooks, journals, planners, practice guides and more >>

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