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Craft Your Sacred Year

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A live workshop on December 12th at 12pm Pacific
to set your intention for a 2020 that’s meaningful to you.

Because what you do doesn’t matter nearly as much as how you feel.


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What do you want 2020 to be?

I’ll tell you a secret: we can’t control the future. But we can decide how we embody our lives,
no matter what comes.

Planning a year ahead isn’t about unrealistic goals that will only make us feel bad about ourselves (I had “Get fluent in Spanish on my list for 4 years, before I finally crossed that off my list!). It’s not about meeting someone else’s standards or judging ourselves by our ability to be as productive as possible in a 12-month period.

Crafting Your Sacred Year is about something else entirely: choosing how we want to show up for our lives. Setting an intention, creating a vision for the year, practicing embodiment, and then focusing in on a few, precious areas of our lives where we want to make the biggest impact.

If you’re ready to add more meaning, more wonder, more adventure—or just more of yourself—to your life, I’ll show you how. We start with intention, and add from there.

Join me for one of my most popular events of the year: Craft Your Sacred Year

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Craft Your Sacred Year is now open for registration!

This live workshop will be held on December 12th at 12pm Pacific.

Can’t attend live? There will be a replay!

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What You Get

Craft Your Sacred Year is a live video workshop—like a mini-retreat from the comfort of your own home. My intention is for this experience to feel luxurious without overwhelming you with material. When you sign up you get:
  • A welcome module with welcome video and reflection worksheet (immediate access)
  • Access to the live workshop on Zoom on December 12th at 12pm Pacific
  • The pdf workbook with all of the practices covered in the workshop (access on the morning of December 12th)
  • Video (and audio-only) replays of the workshop (available 24 hours after the workshop ends)
  • SO MANY bonuses: a Spotify playlist; a desktop wallpaper; an exclusive audio meditation; a pdf copy of my e-book, Tending Your Life

How It Works

  • As soon as you sign up, you’ll receive access to the beautiful Kajabi platform and the Welcome Module, to help ground you and put this work into context. There’s a welcome video and a short reflection worksheet to get you warmed up.
  • You’ll also receive all of the workshop bonuses, including my e-book, Tending Your Life
  • On December 11th, you’ll get access to the workbook, so you can print it ahead of time.
  • On December 12th, you’ll receive the link to the live workshop. We’ll meet on Zoom for a video call at the appointed time (12pm Pacific) for 60 minutes (with a little wiggle-room if there are extra questions.
  • The workshop replay will be uploaded to the course platform within 24 hours. You’ll have access to the workshop video, the workbook and all of the bonuses on Kajabi until November 1st, 2020. (Download them to your personal device to have forever-access.)

Hey, it's Christy!

I’m Christy Tending. I created this site, and while I'm a total planning nerd, most traditional year-ahead planning doesn't work for me.

I needed a system that aligns me with my spirit—especially during this transition through solstice and into a new year.

I'm an ambitious person: I created everything you need here. But I needed a system that allowed me to tap into how I want to feel, not just what I want to accomplish.

Enter Craft Your Sacred Life.

My most popular workshop is back for its third year, and has been totally re-tooled to be prettier and even more potent.

Like a mini-retreat, this workshop takes you through my personal system for envisioning and creating a year ahead that feels great.

And lets me show up how I want to, no matter what curveballs life throws at me.

Investment: $27

Join Craft Your Sacred Year Now!

Join the workshop

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