Sacred Focus:

de-overwhelm your life. make it feel sacred.


Sacred Focus is currently closed for registration. Make sure you’re on the list to find out when the doors open again in winter of 2018!


Do you love helping others, but feel exhausted by it?
Do you feel burned out by change-making – but don’t want to quit?

I get it, big time.

When I was twenty-four years old, I hit burnout rock-bottom.


I was a chronic people-pleaser trying to do it all and change the world with my bare hands.

For years, I subsisted on too much adrenaline and too little sleep.

At the time, I thought that martyrdom and overcommitment were the habits of a badass activist. But ultimately? I felt completely numb, despite how deeply I cared about my work.

I was working my ass off… but not being very effective.

What brought me to healing, caregiving, and change-making work was my tender heart. That same heart, after years of heart-wrenching trauma, started to simply shut down at the grief and overwhelm of it all.

One day, I found myself lying on the floor of my apartment, sobbing.

I felt like a stranger to myself, and craved a different, more gentle way of being in the world. I wanted to honor my commitments instead of flaming out. More than anything, I wanted to come home to myself.

If this is starting to sound eerily familiar… I want you to know:

It is possible to engage in change-making and healing work
that feels good – that heals us as much as it heals our world.

While overcommitment and overwhelm are common experiences for people trying to change the world, they don’t need to be the norm. There are ways to detangle ourselves from these patterns and find a path back to ourselves.

This is the path to a more sustainable, nourishing life and a greater ability show up well for what matters to us.

I believe it’s possible for you to look at your schedule and like what you see: ritual, meaningful work, deep rest, and space to integrate.

Sacred Focus is the method I used to become a more effective activist – and happier human.

A few years ago, I wanted to step off the overcommitment treadmill once and for all. I wanted to stop answering, “Tired,” when people asked me how I was. Most of all, I wanted to bring my most sincere, heartfelt attention to every interaction, project, and action in my life.

This is, admittedly, a lot to ask, but that’s how I wanted my life to feel:

Well-honed and completely precious.


If you are craving a more loving relationship with yourself, your work, your life, Sacred Focus is for you.

Self-care is a necessary part of healing the world. We cannot do great things if we aren’t doing well.

Sacred Focus shifts pesky “shoulds” off your plate, so you can offer the best of your time, energy and creativity to what truly matters to you. You’ll meet your own needs, without shame or guilt. And finally, you’ll dissolve the sense of overwhelm and doom – replacing it with ritual and self-compassion.


Sacred Focus says: you can claim agency of your own life
– and stop denying yourself what feels meaningful.

How do I know?

I’m Christy Tennery-Spalding: self-care mentor, recovering people pleaser, and passionate change-maker.

My mission in life is to make the world a more compassionate place. I believe that there is no more important time than right now for us to rise up as resilient, fiercely compassionate change-makers. And I know that great self-care lets us be more fierce than ever.

What’s inside this course is exactly how I crafted a life that feels exceptionally sacred and laser focused.

I brought myself back from burnout. Now I help thousands of change-makers, healers and creatives do the same.


You can find exuberant joy in doing less
– and choosing better.

It’s possible to make a bigger impact by focusing on where your heart calls you most – and make every day matter. You can cultivate a life where you swoon with joy at your calendar. You can be someone who does what you say you’ll do. What’s more, you can overthrow the narratives of “not enough”.

The truth is, you can’t do it all; by trying, you’re robbing yourself of joy – and your effectiveness.

This course offers a different way: going narrow, but deep, with what is most meaningful. This means that not only will you bid adieu to overwhelm, but you’ll super-charge the impact you make.


Times like these call for rebellion and resilience.

Sacred Focus gives you back the love that
brought you to your important work in the first place.

The solution isn’t to simply adapt to the old mode of busyness and fast-paced life. It’s not to try to do it all, and it’s definitely not to try to be everything to everyone.

We do not need to become inured to the trauma and grief of injustice and destruction. We can feel deeply, and take action from our hearts instead of our reactivity and fear. Instead, we can choose new patterns and practices that support us in being extraordinary.

Now is the time to be excellent when it comes to pursuing our purpose.



The Flow of Sacred Focus:

The course materials arrive in your inbox weekly in the form of
pdf workbooks + audio meditations.

Week One:

Quiet: Pausing to slow down, hear your heart, and experience mindfulness.

Week Two:

Clarity: Defining your Sacred Focus, and deciding what matters most.

Week Three:

Opening: Crafting space for what’s significant, so you can do more of it.

Week Four:

Discernment: Setting good boundaries to guard your Sacred Focus well.

Week Five:

Non-attachment: Releasing what doesn’t serve us or our Sacred Focus.

Week Six:

Harmony: Shifting our narratives about being of service and the big picture.

Week Seven:

Strategy: Designing a path forward that Sacred Focus into our lives for good.

Week Eight:

Integration: Embodying Sacred Focus in our actions, relationships, and days.

Week Nine:

Reverence: Bringing our Sacred Focus into everyday life, because magic is all around.



Praise from Christy’s Students:

“Sacred Focus is a beautifully delivered course…

This course isn’t just about sorting out your time. It touches on so much more, like what is your purpose, what work are you here to do, how to say no, and how to pursue that which you truly love. Already I have been able to identify what wasn’t working for me, simplify and zero-in on what I truly want to focus on in my life.

The masterclasses were one of my favourite parts, being able to learn from Christy’s insights about tools such as breathing and using journals and planners was something that I was immediately about to put into practice in my life.”

— Pip Bennett, youth development specialist, writer,

“As someone who’s been focused on finding her way through complicated grief for a while now, I can tell you how deeply grateful I am to have found Christy’s work.

Her voice is so warm, gentle, and real; like a good friend or sister who’s unafraid to reach a person in the dark waters and guide them to shore.

Or, more precisely, suggest solid ways for that person to (re)discover the resilience and refuge within themselves.”

– Dawn Little

“Doing [Christy’s course] was wonderful. Christy know just how to present the information that will touch your heart, mind and soul. It is beautiful to be able to find some great guidance and advice for Self Care at a very busy time of the year.”

– Kerry-Jean Watson

“The word that comes to mind when I think about Christy is sacred. Her vision for self-care is contagious. The way she holds space for you is precious. Spending time with her is undoubtedly transformation.”

– Ashley Beaudin, Leadership Mentor + Heart Encourager,



Sacred Focus includes:

  • The Sacred Focus program

9 modules, delivered as pdf workbooks + audio meditations each week.

To guide you in de-tangling your overwhelm, discovering what’s most meaningful, and centering the sacred in your life – step by step, every day.

  • Self-Care Masterclasses

9 video lessons, diving deep into self-care practices like: breathing, altar building, nature, gratitude and more!

To support you in developing practices that center self-care, and infuse your life with the everyday sacred,  so you can do more of what matters.

  • Plus hella bonuses!


  • Pretty desktop wallpapers
  • Resource + inspiration guides
  • Workbooks and e-books
  • A Spotify playlist
  • Invitations to special online retreats and events with me!
  • And dozens more!



Inside the course, you’ll de-overwhelm your life and create more of what feels sacred.

Still not sure? Let’s talk about the what-ifs.

What if I don’t follow through? I’ve been burned out for years and nothing seems to help.

I’ve been there. Sacred Focus is not just a band-aid solution. It’s about re-tooling your whole life, so you can not only heal burnout, but prevent burnout in the future.


I already have so much on my plate! What if I don’t feel like I have time?

The beauty of Sacred Focus is that it takes things off your plate. Plus, I’ve broken it down into bite-sized pieces. You also get lifetime access to the course, so you can work through it at your own pace.

What if I’m a total beginner?

Yay! And welcome! This course is absolutely for you.

If questions arise, I’m only an email away.

What if I’m totally freaking out over the current political climate? I feel so overwhelmed and want to do all the things.

Me too, friend. But I *know* that it’s possible to find joy in the face of despair. In fact, we need you for the long haul. Sacred Focus will help you zero in on exactly how you can make your most potent impact, in a way that feels good to you.

But how do I know that Sacred Focus is right for me?

Sacred Focus is designed for sensitive change-makers like you:

  • Wild souls. Tender hearts. Anyone creating healing on this planet, in your community, or in your family.
  • Service-oriented or creative folks, like artists, social workers, writers, nurses, activists, and teachers.
  • Anyone who is trying to build a more compassionate world.
  • Those of you who are tired of overwhelm and ready to craft not just less, but better.


Why me?

My self-care journey began at the age of 12, when I developed chronic pain from scoliosis and horseback riding accidents.

I became a social justice activist in high school – and went on to get my degree in poetry. I’m proud to have created work that weaves these together. My formal training is as a yoga teacher, massage therapist, meditation teacher, group facilitator, and non-violence trainer.

After years of overwhelm and feeling “not enough,” I’ve now made the transition from paid activist to self-care mentor for world-changers (with a little troublemaking on the side). I live my sacred life in Oakland, California with my husband, our sweet new babe, and our feral cats, Dorothy & Harriet.

Having been to burnout and back, it’s now my passion to help others make that same journey back to themselves.

Nuts and Bolts:

  • How much time does the course take?

Each workbook is designed to take 30-60 minutes to work through. Each meditation runs 10-15 minutes. You can break this up through the course of the week or do it all in one go. Each video masterclass is 30-45 minutes.

  • I’m overwhelmed right now and can’t start right away! How long do I have access to the course?

You have access to the materials forever. Please download each module as you receive it, and keep it in a safe place until you’re ready to dive in.

  • Can I gift this to a friend?

I would be totally flattered! Once you purchase, please email me with the email address for the gift recipient. I’ll send them an email letting them know about your generous gift, and they’ll begin receiving the course the day it begins.

  • What about guarantees or refunds?

I guarantee that you will receive the best of my teaching, and I respectfully do not offer refunds due to the digital nature of the course. If you want to make sure this is right for you, please send me an email at and I’ll be happy to chat. Once you purchase this program, that’s it!