Sacred Focus is a 9 month program designed to help you cultivate devotion so you can show up excellently for what is most sacred to you.


I’ll tell you a secret:

There has never been, in your whole life, a better moment than right now to discover what is personally sacred to you and to decide to show up for it wholeheartedly.

Whether you are a healer or a changemaker, a parent, a child, an artist, or a teacher… life can feel overwhelming. It can be hard to know where to even begin when so much competes for our attention. Especially if you are someone who aims to make a difference and to live an intentional life.

The truth? Big impact doesn’t happen in overwhelm. It happens when we get quiet, tune out the noise, and get down with our unique expression of the sacred.

Right now, you are ready to stop:

  • Dabbling and spreading yourself too thin.
  • Wishing and longing to spend more of your time on what matters.
  • Spinning your wheels and never making headway.
  • Ignoring the most important areas of your life in favor of what feels “urgent”.
  • Listening to the narratives that aren’t serving you.

And you are ready to ignore the shiny objects in favor of what is deeply precious and sacred to you.


This is where Sacred Focus comes in.


What the heck is a Sacred Focus?

Your Sacred Focus is comprised of the 3-5 areas of life 
where you are putting your most wholehearted attention and choosing to show up excellently. This is what’s sacred in your life, right now.

And the Sacred Focus program is a nine-month, step-by-step journey into sacred practice that translates devotion into impact so you can make that a reality.

If you’re anything like me, you’ve been doing the work for a while. You know that self-care is important. And you know that you’re here to help build a more compassionate world.

The question remains: how do you make it happen?

Sacred Focus is designed to help you clarify what is sacred to you so you can spend your life there. In this program, you’ll discover the tools to advocate for yourself and practices to bring what’s sacred to you into your everyday experience.

Whether it’s your own personal healing journey, a big life event in your family, or, y’know, bringing about the revolution, you’re at a point in your life where you’re ready to stop half-assing it and show up as only you can.

Sacred Focus will make you uncomfortable.

It’s vulnerable to care.

When we decide to devote ourselves to something, the mind (and the universe!) has its way of throwing up roadblocks, excuses, and busyness to distract us from the change we’re trying to make. This means we need to walk out into the wilderness anyway, to discover for ourselves what’s there.

This isn’t easy work. Inside the course, we’ll be talking about boundaries, the discomfort of actually giving a shit, and eliminating what isn’t working. We’ll practice having uncomfortable conversations and the art of crafting meaningful ritual (even if that word feels awkward at first).

It’s intimate and tough, all at the same time. 

The good news? You won’t be doing it alone.


Sacred Focus includes:

  • The step-by-step Sacred Focus process to cultivate devotion so you can make an impact.

Each month, you’ll receive a video lesson and workbook on that month’s theme, with an emphasis on refining and being in relationship with your areas of Sacred Focus. Each module weaves spiritual lessons with impactful real-life tips to get you in communion with the holy and into meaningful action.

You’ll also receive self-care masterclasses to build a healing repertoire that supports you inside and out, a monthly meditation to support each theme, and resource guides to dive deeper.

That’s 9 video lessons, 9 workbooks, 9 audio meditations, and 9 video self-care masterclasses; delivered digitally each month, and yours to keep forever.



  • Collective Care calls + access to support from me every single month

Every month, we’ll gather via video conference where I’ll lead us through embodied practices to integrate that month’s lesson — and answer all of your burning questions. Part campfire gathering, part coaching session, all lovefest.

You’ll get to show up with all of your stumbling blocks, big curiosity, and “I’m not sure where to go next” conundrums. Then we’ll craft a way forward together. Plus, you’ll get the benefit of learning from others’ process and experiences. It will be intimate and so, so rad.

(Call details: the collective care calls are held on the 2nd Thursday of each month and will be recorded and shared with the group. Can’t attend live? Submit your questions ahead of time, and I’ll answer them on the call.)



Here’s what happens when you commit to Sacred Focus

You will connect with and move from a bigger why, guided from a place of spirit. Your work will be grounded in your mission every step of the way, so that you can show up the way you’ve always wanted to.

You will bid adieu to guilt, shame, and all of the voices telling you that you’re too much or not enough.

This is your sacred life. Now is your time.

You don’t have any more time for the “shoulds” or the “looks good, but feels like crap.”

You will step into owning and honoring your unique expertise. No more playing small or martyring yourself for the cause. Here, you’ll keep your eyes on your own paper — and tune the rest of it out.

This is the kind of focus that feels sacred, not just busy for the sake of being busy. Which is divine timing, because right now?

The world needs you to show up in your fullest, most brilliant form the way only you can.


Why me?

Maybe you want to know about all of my fancy yoga and healing arts certifications. (I’ve got plenty.) Or maybe you want to know about my nearly 20 years as an activist. (I’ve been fighting the power since 1999.) Here is where I could tell you about my personal journey with chronic pain, or about my experience facilitating trainings for hundreds of activists, or how I’ve helped thousands begin to craft elegant self-care.

But what I really want you to know is that:

I want to build a more compassionate world. And I believe that no matter how you go about it, building a more compassionate world is a sacred practice. It’s time we started acting like it.

As your guide for this course, I will create the safest space possible so you can take risks, speak your truth, and blaze the trail you’re meant to. Find your warrior voice and the quiet stillness of your sweet heart. Every part of you is welcome here.

The best part? When the course is done, and you use your new wings to leave the nest, you’ll have a process and a set of touchstones to take with you. This course is a lantern for you to take with you out into the wilderness of the rest of your life.


And what you really need to know about me?

This course is the very best of what I have to offer. It’s where I bring the full breadth of my life and experience to bear. I promise not to hold back — my life is an open book here. If you are ready for a life where you can make an impact and find the sacred around you all the damn time, you can come sit next to me.



  • Gorgeous resource guides with all my favorite tips, tools, and guides.
  • Exclusive playlists, desktop wallpapers, and other pretty audio-visual inspiration.
  • Not-for-sale-on-my-website e-books to dive even deeper.
  • Discounts on future programs and extra coaching sessions.
  • And more!


Only for Sacred Focus students, you’ll have access to a private Instagram account, where I’ll be offering…

  • Bonus mini-lessons
  • Extra prompts to go out and create more of the everyday Sacred
  • Inspiration to keep you on track with your commitments
  • Updates on how my own Sacred Focus journey is going


And, of course, you’ll get my wholehearted attention for nine full months.

This year, in the spirit of my own Sacred Focus, I’ll be paring my teaching and coaching calendar back quite a bit. This will be the only round of Sacred Focus I’ll be teaching in 2018 – and this is by far the most in-depth way to study with me currently. If this course calls to you, now is the moment.



Still on the fence?

By now, I’m guessing your heart or your intuition knows whether this is right for you. I’m not going to give you a hard sell. If now isn’t the right time for you, that’s totally fine.

But if you’ve got questions, I am happy to help. Here are some of the more frequently asked questions:

  • This course is for you if: you already have a healing or spiritual practice, or if you want to make a positive impact — and want to take it all to the next level. You don’t have to have be an activist to participate. You should, however, have some sort of greater calling or drive to create more compassion in this world to get the most from this course.
  • This course probably won’t work for you if: you’re hoping to avoid discomfort, have an aversion to what you think of as “woo,” or aren’t looking to put in the work. This course encompasses both the Sacred and the Focus. I will hold your hand as you take the next step, but you should be willing to summon the courage to take it.
  • Refund policy: I respectfully do not offer refunds. What I guarantee is that you receive the best of my teaching. The rest is up to you.
  • Payment plan: Yes, there is a payment plan this round. Yes, you get a discount for paying all at once.
  • More questions? If you have any questions I haven’t covered, please zip me an email. I’m more than happy to help.


Praise from past students:

“Sacred Focus is a beautifully delivered course…

This course isn’t just about sorting out your time. It touches on so much more, like what is your purpose, what work are you here to do, how to say no, and how to pursue that which you truly love. Already I have been able to identify what wasn’t working for me, simplify and zero-in on what I truly want to focus on in my life.

The masterclasses were one of my favourite parts, being able to learn from Christy’s insights about tools such as breathing and using journals and planners was something that I was immediately about to put into practice in my life.”

— Pip Bennett, youth development specialist, writer,

“As someone who’s been focused on finding her way through complicated grief for a while now, I can tell you how deeply grateful I am to have found Christy’s work.

Her voice is so warm, gentle, and real; like a good friend or sister who’s unafraid to reach a person in the dark waters and guide them to shore.

Or, more precisely, suggest solid ways for that person to (re)discover the resilience and refuge within themselves.”

– Dawn Little

“Doing [Christy’s course] was wonderful. Christy know just how to present the information that will touch your heart, mind and soul. It is beautiful to be able to find some great guidance and advice for Self Care at a very busy time of the year.”

– Kerry-Jean Watson

“The word that comes to mind when I think about Christy is sacred. Her vision for self-care is contagious. The way she holds space for you is precious. Spending time with her is undoubtedly transformation.”

– Ashley Beaudin, Leadership Mentor + Heart Encourager,