Resilience Practice

my signature workshop to cultivate
wholehearted action for difficult times

Burnout is borne of the individual and collective trauma of being told that we are not enough. It is ingrained from us early, and informs the way we approach every type of change-making and healing work.

Whether you’re facing that desire to create transformation and compassion on a global, macro level or on an individual, micro level, the answer is the same. In order to survive a world that sometimes breaks our hearts, the antidote is resilience.

To bend, rather than break. To weather the storm by planting our roots deep. It is possible to face uncertainty, fear, and grief with full-heartedness.

Cultivating resilience is not only how we model a more compassionate world, but how we build it.

If you want to create more of this resilience, not just as a one-time deal, but as a practice, join us!

Because another world is possible.


You’ll learn to:

  • Uncover the narratives that keep us small and afraid of our power — and tools to flip the script.
  • Cultivate practices to support all dimensions of ourselves and our self-care during times of grief, loss, fear, and uncertainty.
  • Hone our intuition and inner alignment in order to take skillful action that’s wholehearted and effective.

You’ll get:

  • Password-protected access to the recording of the online video workshop.
  • Cheat-sheets and a workbook for easy reference and ongoing practice.
  • Audio meditations to take your practice further.

Watch the workshop replay!

Investment: $17

Join the workshop!

Once you sign up, you’ll get the link and password to join the workshop.
I can’t wait to see you there.


Hi, I’m Christy Tending!

I’m a self-care mentor for rebellious humans who want to build a more compassionate world. I’m also a mama, a climate justice activist, and a writer. In my free time, I enjoy frolicking in redwoods, soaking in hot springs, and hanging out with my feral cats, Dorothy & Harriet.

I live in Oakland, California with my gorgeous family, and I make my online home at