Real Self-Care:

a digital toolkit to help busy world-changers
craft awesome self-care.


I already know I want the toolkit!


Honestly? Burnout really sucks.

When you’re in the throws of burnout or find yourself overwhelmed by the onslaught of terrible news cycles, self-care can feel awfully far away. It can feel like yet another thing on your never-ending to-do list – and a selfish one at that. Sometimes, you might be so tired that self-care just doesn’t make the cut before your head hits the pillow.

At that point, even the idea of taking care of yourself might feel impossible.



The good news?

Self-care can be simple. It can feel personal.
It can be within reach.

Self-care is an essential ingredient to effective healing and change-making work. It is necessary to find ways, even in challenging situations, to be with ourselves with an attitude of respect and compassion. You just need to find ways to make it work with your real, actual life. To let it be playful, messy, and fun.

It’s about discovering what self-care means for each of us, individually, and then finding ways to weave that care into our everyday, imperfect lives.

You can dissolve all the excuses and myths you’ve been holding onto about self-care – and make it actionable.


Real Self-Care is digital toolkit to help you create meaningful self-care from the ground up – and incorporate it into your life on a daily basis.

Your self-care looks different from mine. And it might even look different day to day. But when we know what self-care feels like and looks like, we can create more and more of it.

Self-care isn’t a band-aid, and it isn’t a way to numb out. We can create it as a habit – and a compassionate offering – that lets us keep taking skillful, healing action for our world.

It’s a way of being keenly present and empathetic with ourselves. It’s not just about resilience in the face of grief at the world or about recovery from burnout. Instead, it’s finding ways to be empathetic with ourselves, our suffering, and the suffering we witness around us.


What you’ll receive inside the toolkit is nothing short of blazing inspiration.
It’s the spark to illuminate your self-care from the inside out.


This toolkit will help you create awesome self-care – no matter what.

You don’t need more time or more money or more stuff. You just need to learn to be present, here, right here in this moment. And the next moment. And the one after that.

Real Self-Care will show you how to develop that sort of kind presence.

It’s full of practices to bring self-care into your actual life right now. Real Self-Care is full of the sweet, the silly, the woo-woo, and the downright mundane ways that we can look after our precious hearts.

Because self-care isn’t a destination. It’s what you carry with you along your journey. It’s the memory and understanding of your own dear self and what that self needs  to take the next step. And the one after that.

Self-care is about gumption, not perfection.


Real Self-Care takes your practice out of the Pinterest board and into your life.

You’ll find tangible, actionable practices to help you feel vibrant and refreshed, so you can make your mark in this world – more effectively and with more joy.

If you’re looking to build a more compassionate world, I’m with you. And I know that that compassion needs to start with us.

After a decade of teaching healing practices, I know: aspirational self-care doesn’t work.

Real Self-Care offers the tools and the framework to start infusing that compassion into our everyday lives – not tomorrow or someday, but right now. Not once you buy things or change yourself, but here and now in this moment, exactly as you are.

In the e-book, there is a new self-care practice each day (30 in all), and space each day for journaling. There’s space to experiment, explore, and refine – and to make each practice your own.

In the video training, you’ll define your self-care and craft a practice that’s custom, intuitive, feasible, and kind – never cookie cutter.

Real self-care will never make you feel like an imposter. Instead, it will feel like a dear friend.


Real Self-Care is a digital toolkit that includes:

Module One: Set Your Foundation

  • The 4 Pillars of Awesome Self-Care, a 40-minute video training to craft self-care from scratch, setting you on a solid foundation
  • The 4 Pillars of Awesome Self-Care workbook to discover and define what Custom, Intuitive, Feasible, and Kind self-care means to you – and how to bring awesome self-care to life.


  • The video slides as a pdf and the audio as an mp3 to refresh your self-care on the go.
  • Your copy of the Liberatory Self-Care Manifesto, my now-retired first e-book.

Module Two: Gather Inspiration

  • The original Real Self-Care, a 30-day inspiration manual, self-care journal, and compendium of delight – delivered as a pdf. It contains 30 in-depth self-care practices, plus journaling space for you to experiment with and reflect on new practices.
  • A copy of my mini-book, 108 Self-Care Ideas for Worldchangers. Need even more self-care inspiration? I’ve got 108 more ideas for you that range from cozy to kooky.
  • The Crafting a Self-Care Menu workbook – to translate all the new inspiration into actionable, daily-life practice to nourish you in any moment.


  • My most robust resource guide ever, delivered as a pdf, so you can dive deeper. I’m opening my self-care treasure trove to show you my most-loved self-care tools.
  • A pretty desktop wallpaper, to inspire you always.

Module Three: Make it Meaningful

  • A video workshop on Setting Intention: bring more intentionality, meaning, and alignment to your self-care practice, no matter the circumstances.
  • The Setting Intention workbook – to begin infusing your life with greater intention and specific practices to bring your intention to life.
  • The Create a Daily Ritual workbook. Looking to infuse your daily life with more experiences of mindfulness and the sacred? Create highly personal, yet simple rituals with this sweet workbook.


  • An outline and cheatsheet for the Setting Intention Video – so you can follow along in written form.
  • An mp3 recording of the Setting Intention Video – so you can listen to it as a podcast
  • A Real Self-Care playlist, to uplift your mood with some of my favorite songs.

Investment: $47





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In this toolkit, you’ll find the practical,
actionable self-care you’ve been missing.

(Still not sure? Let’s talk about the what-ifs.)

What if I have no free time, except for riding the bus in the morning?

Then, I’ll show you how to create an awesome practice for your public transit commute. Or practices you can do in five minutes with the bathroom door shut. This is not about fancy spa days or jetting off on vacation. Real Self-Care meets you exactly where you are – and lets you build from that place.

What if I’m totally freaking out over the current political climate?

Me, too, friend. I’ll let you peek behind the curtain at the self-care practices that been supporting me in my political work (which started during the Clinton administration!). If there were ever a time in our political lives to get serious about our self-care and personal sustainability, this is it.

What if I’m a total beginner?

Beginners welcome. I break every single practice down, step by step, so you can start completely from scratch. I also offer loads of variations on the practices, making each one as accessible as possible. We all start somewhere. Real Self-Care was designed to be just such a beginning.

But how do I know that Real Self-Care is right for me?

I designed this toolkit for people who approach life and change-making holistically.

  • If you’re a sensitive soul who’s looking for a breather from heart-breaking news…
  • If you’re looking to do healing or change-making work for the long haul…
  • And if you’re ready to build a more compassionate world, beginning with yourself…

Then Real Self-Care is right for you.


Investment: $47




Hey, I’m Christy.

I made Real Self-Care.

My self-care journey began at the age of 12, when I developed chronic pain from scoliosis and horseback riding accidents.

I became a social justice activist in high school – and went on to get my degree in poetry. I’m proud to have created work that weaves these together.

My training is as a yoga teacher, energy worker, massage therapist, meditation teacher, and non-violence trainer.

I’ve since made the transition from paid activist to self-care mentor for world-changers (with a little troublemaking on the side, these days). I now live in Oakland, California with my husband and our feral cats, Dorothy & Harriet.

Having been to burnout and back, it’s now my passion to help others make that same journey back to themselves.

Christy Tending Healing Arts : self-care and sacred ritual for world-changers :

Investment: $47




Nuts and Bolts:

How much time does Real Self-Care take?

As much time as you like – or as little as just a few minutes per day. It’s entirely up to you, since this toolkit is self-paced. It also means you can work through the materials as many times as you like.

How long do I have access to the materials?

How about forever? (The answer is forever.) Plus, you’ll get access to new materials whenever I create new updates. Since Real Self-Care launched in March of 2015, I’ve already updated it twice with super-valuable new materials.

Can I give Real Self-Care as a gift?

I would be totally flattered if you decided to purchase this for a loved one.
Please email me at to arrange this.

What about refunds & cancellations?

Due to the digital nature of this product, I respectfully do not offer refunds or cancellations.
What I do guarantee is that inside this product, you’ll receive the very best of my teaching. 

Email me at with any questions prior to purchase!