Real Self-Care: a digital toolkit to craft awesome self-care

April 3, 2017

Of everything I’ve created in my work, Real Self-Care, perhaps more than anything else, has been my baby. A labor of love. An expression of what I believe on my most heartfelt level: that self-care is possible for all.

Which is why I’m so proud to introduce it in its new form: a digital toolkit that’s robust, beautiful and actionable. So that you can create awesome self-care to support your important world-changing and healing work.


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The evolution of Real Self-Care: a timeline

September 2015: The Real Self-Care blog series debuts. 30 days of simple, sweet, and actionable posts to nurture my personal self-care practice and inspire my readers.

March 2016: Real Self-Care becomes an e-book – a 30-day manual with new practices added and plenty of space for journaling and reflection.

April 2016: I created my free Real Self-Care Planner, which has been downloaded more than 2,000 times!

September 2016: Real Self-Care gets an update. I add a bonus mini e-book with extra inspiration and a video training to create your self-care foundation.

Early 2017: Real Self-Care transforms into a robust digital toolkit, with videos, workbooks, and audio components. The toolkit now includes three modules: to set your foundation, gather inspiration, and make your self-care meaningful.


Why Real Self-Care?

I began writing this series to dissolve myths about self-care. I wanted to demonstrate that, even in the midst of a busy life, self-care is possible on a daily basis. This is my mission: for you to know that it’s possible.

There are four pillars of awesome self-care. It should be custom, intuitive, feasible, and kind. Real Self-Care aims to support you in creating that strong foundation of self-care so that you can access it in any moment. Inside, I’ve included doable practices that don’t require tons of time, new expertise, or extra stuff. Because self-care isn’t about bubble baths and yoga retreats in Bali. It’s about making it yours, so you can support your own heart.

Real Self-Care emerged from a desire to cut the crap when it comes to self-care. It doesn’t need to be lofty or luxurious to be nourishing. It doesn’t need to be expensive or even time-consuming to be effective.


Self-care is the act of consistently being your own best ally.

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It’s really about getting as close to your own heart as possible. In our current culture, this is downright revolutionary.

I took myself through the same process that I now offer inside Real Self-Care. It began as a way to reflect on what self-care meant to be personally. Part experimentation, part walking my talk – I wanted to really immerse myself in one practice every day for a month.

It was challenging to keep up every day – a good reminder that even I need to slow down sometimes. But it left me feeling deeply nourished and with great food for thought when it came to how I wanted to offer self-care.


Since then, Real Self-Care has shifted a lot.

As you can see above, it has grown from blog series to book, with new bonuses added every few months, and reaching people all over the world along the way. In our small way, we are letting Real Self-Care become a people-powered revolution in how we conceptualize and act on our self-care.

I am so honored to have it touch so many peoples’ lives.


Now, Real Self-Care is shifting again.

It is becoming a multi-module digital toolkit, to set your foundation, gather inspiration, and make it meaningful. There are videos, workbooks, audios, and a super-fab resource guide. Plus bonus mini-ebooks.

As ever, the heart of Real Self-Care is the e-book and journal that started it all. Thirty days of practices. Thirty days of reflection pages. Enough empowerment, inspiration, and gusto to help you create an amazing self-care practice you’ll use the rest of your life.

I’m so proud. I hope you love it.


How it’s impacted people:

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Thank you for being here. Thank you for celebrating with me!


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