Mentorship with Christy Tending

It’s time to claim incredible self-care that
fuels your important work in the world.

Want to:

  • Refocus and clarify your “why”?
  • Bring your whole heart to your life and purpose?
  • Nourish yourself while building an impactful body of work?
  • Heal the burnout of caring deeply?

No matter how you go about it, I know you’re here to make an impact. In this moment, our world is calling out for compassion, creativity, and meaningful action.


You’re here to make it happen.

But no matter how badass you are, sometimes you could use a little support. This is where self-care mentorship sessions come in. Self-Care Mentorship is a super-boost of loving attention for every dimension of your self, no vacation or retreat required.

These days, I offer self-care mentorship in two formats:

  1. A single 60-minute session to help you begin (or deepen) your self-care and realign your relationship to your work in the world.

In mentorship sessions with me, we’ll break down your barriers to self-care and co-develop an action plan that feels solid and actionable. (Because self-care doesn’t work if you don’t do it.)

Self-care mentorship is perfect for…

  • Infusing self-care into your workplan.
  • Support for your sabbatical, vacation, or maternity leave to make the most of your time away.
  • Burnout guidance and prevention.
  • Post-action, mobilization or campaign support to integrate and ground yourself.
  • Realigning how (and maybe where) you work, so you can stay in the movement and be more effective.
  • Creating accountability so you can meet your life head-on.

You’ll get fully and fiercely loved-on. But in a way that creates major action. Together, we’ll craft a strategy for self-care and self-advocacy that serves you and fuels your important work. You’ll have access to me via email outside of our calls, as you integrate your self-care with your important work in the world.

It’s easy to feel lost, stuck or confused about where you should even start when it comes to self-care, especially when it just feels like adding more to your plate. Together, we’ll come up with an action plan that’s efficient and personal so it meets your needs and life constraints.


Why work with me?

Hi, I’m Christy! I’m the creator of this website, a self-care mentor, and a lifelong activist.

I became a social justice activist when I was still in high school. By the time I reached my mid-20s, I’d logged thousands of hours of organizing and activist work across North America: rallies, marches, protests, and non-violence trainings (and yes, I’ve been arrested once or twice.)

It took a full-on physical/emotional breakdown at 24 to realize: 

“Oh. Right. I’m a human being with a human body, not a machine. I have to learn how to refill my own well… or I won’t be able to continue doing the work that matters to me.”

Today, I’m a passionate climate justice and Indigenous rights activist—but I’m equally passionate about self-care. I write articles on self-care for places like Tiny Buddha, Elephant Journal, and Annapurna Living, I facilitate self-care trainings in person, and I create courses and programs that help people from all over the world heal from burnout, find their Sacred Focus, and feel vibrant and strong.

I’m thrilled to be your guide from burnout, numbness and overwhelm to effective, joyful, impactful change-making. Sign up here, and I’ll meet you in your inbox with an intake worksheet and a link for you to book our session!

Love, support, and relief is on the way…


All Mentorship Packages Include:


  • An intake worksheet so we can get to the heart of the matter right away

  • 90-minute video call(s) on Zoom where we’ll get laser focused on developing a self-care plan that’s tailored to this moment in your journey

  • A written copy of your step-by-step self-care plan

  • Video recording(s) of our call(s) 

  • PDF guide with my notes, a custom resource guide, and a homework assignment—delivered 48 hours after each call

  • 2 weeks of email support after our sessions wrap (and for long-term clients, unlimited email support during our time together

  • A customized audio meditation specific to your unique journey

  • Discount codes for all my courses and programs, plus a copy of my e-book, 108 self-care ideas for world-changers

How it works

The first step is to decide how you’d like to work together: a single session or three months of sessions. Have a question about which is right for you? Zip me an email at

Once you book, you’ll immediately receive your intake workbook and a link to book your session.

You’ll also be able to immediately download the mini e-book, 108 self-care ideas for worldchangers, to get some inspiration before our session.

Make sure to fill in your worksheet and email it to me at least 48 hours before our session.

After our session, I will send you the recording, my notes, your homework assignment and your plan via private Dropbox folder within 48-hours. You will receive your audio meditation within one week of our session.


What people say:

“I can’t thank you enough!  I truly enjoyed our session, and I really appreciate your encouragement, support, and mentorship…  I’ve been asking myself all week, “what would feel nourishing to me right now?”, and it has been incredibly helpful in keeping it simple…and even simpler.  I have truly found joy in helping my patients this week, focusing on all the ways that I have been able to serve them, and I have ended my days feeling rewarded instead of discouraged.” –Heather Hamilton, physical therapist

“Our session together was amazing, Christy. I felt like you hit on some insights that I was struggling to accept fully on my own. You coaxed me toward solutions that are transition based, not extreme, and allow ease in my life that I was not seeing through my black and white thinking. I would definitely work with you again and recommend you to anyone who needs to brush up on their self-care.”  –Louise Warren, Musician and Creativity Coach,


Warning! Self-care mentorship students have been known to:

  • Create meaningful rituals.
  • Set new boundaries with family and have more courageous conversations.
  • Scale back on work that wasn’t satisfying and .
  • Honor their bodies with what they need.
  • Start the projects they’d been dreaming about forever.
  • Get back in the flow of a practice they missed.
  • Quit social media and do more of what feels nurturing.

… and much more!


Hey, you spectacular badass…

You don’t need cookie cutter self-care that recycles the same tired advice about bubblebaths and soothing cups of tea. You need a self-care mentor who can help you cut through the crap and reclaim your life and purpose. Because the world needs you at your best.

I’ve got your back.


Get Mentorship!



The fine print:

Sessions are subject to a 48-hour cancellation policy. Cancellations with less than 48 hours notice or no-shows will not be rescheduled or refunded.