Discover heartfelt meditation in the lovingkindness toolkit!

a free meditation toolkit from Christy Tending

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Because meditation doesn't have to feel like a struggle...

Meditation can be an act of kindness, and the path to deeper compassion for yourself – and the most beloved beings in your life.

(I'll show you how.)

Inside the toolkit you'll find:

  • Step-by-step instruction for beginning lovingkindness practice.
  • Personalized worksheets to fully customize your meditation experience.
  • Everything you need to begin a compassionate meditation practice that starts in your own heart, for your own precious self.

    You'll also receive:

    • A mini practice journal, so you can track and reflect on your practice – turning it into a beautiful experiment!
    • Instructions for the therapeutics of sitting, so your meditation can be even more comfortable.

    This simple toolkit introduces lovingkindness meditation in a clear and concise way, and gives you a place to begin with this potent and sweet practice.

    Snuggle up to your own heart through mindful, sincere practice.

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