Love in Difficult Times

A free (live) self-care workshop for joyful resistance with Christy Tending

Join Christy Tending for this free live workshop on December 7th at 11am Pacific!

We find ourselves in unprecedented times, but we don't need to let these difficult times rob us of our compassion, tenderness and humanity. In fact, those qualities are essential to our survival.

Our resistance can be joyful and effective. It can add, rather than subtract from us.

Join me in this free, live workshop to explore ways to create a more loving relationship with yourself in even the most turbulent moments – and practices that will let you stay in the movement.

(Because we need you!)

In the workshop:

  • Investigate the root causes of burnout so that we can heal burnout–and prevent it before it starts.
  • Explore ways to infuse our change-making work with love so that it can feel awesome, instead of exhausting.
  • Learn my favorite 5-minute practice for reclaiming self-compassion in even the most trying and heartbreaking moments.
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Resistance can be joyful. I'll show you how.


Grab your seat for my free, live workshop below! I can't wait to see you there.