Real Self-Care: a new inspiration guide

April 4, 2016

I’m so pleased to introduce Real Self-Care: an inspiration guide to craft messy, delightful self-care that serves your actual life.

Real Self-Care : an inspiration guide to craft messy, delightful self-care that serves your actual life. : Christy Tending Healing Arts :

When I began my work here, I knew a couple of things:

  1. Self-care is necessary for people who want to change the world – I know that it can make us more effective and able to accomplish great things with more joy.
  2. Most people agree with me on this. Self-care is important.
  3. People don’t have self-care practices because they believe they don’t have time and/or don’t know where to start.

I wanted to break down myths around self-care that were keeping people from treating themselves well.

I wanted to create a safe space where people could experiment, feel heard, and journey home to themselves through self-care practices.

I wanted to uncover and rediscover the self-care practices that really make up a joyful life. I wanted to push myself creatively to show a full range of self-care practices. Self-care can be messy and complicated and decidedly unperfect.

So I created a blog series last year called Real Self-Care – for thirty days I wrote about a new self-care practice each day.

It was a delight.

Physical practices, ethereal ones. Mindset shifts, hot baths.

Getting deep with the earth and being in the company of sweet beings.

A sense of play. A sense of devotion. A sense of miraculous imperfection.

Self-care that truly encapsulated an ethos of custom, intuitive, feasible and kind.

Now, it’s a book.

30 practices.

30 journaling pages.

In each practice, there’s some background, some encouragement, some instruction, some inspiration. Gentle, doable, and mostly-free. Plenty of ways to tailor the practices to you.

Then journaling space for reflection, observation, keen insight.

And a bonus resource guide that will blow your mind with how packed with awesomeness it is.

There are brand-new practices. Every section is edited, updated, and expanded with my latest understanding of self-care and healing work.

Make it yours

Customize it however you like. Take it as a challenge or a set of gentle invitations. Take some of what’s here, then set it aside for awhile. Or dive in, full-heartedly.

It’s up to you.

Take it lightly.

This is not a serious undertaking. It’s meant to be inspiring and fun.

Mix and match the practices. Take what serves you and leave the rest.

Maybe you’ll craft a weekend-long self-retreat based on this book. Perhaps you’ll skim through it over the course of a year. Or maybe you’ll work through it, linearly, in 30 days.

It’s all up to you.

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It’s an inspiration guide, not a textbook…

Let it inspire you.

This is simply what has worked well for me, and a gathering of what I have collected so far in my work. In order for self-care to be real, you are the one who must bring it to life. This guide is here to spark your imagination.

It is here to support you, and give you space to roam.

This inspiration guide is just that. Self-care is never a finished product.

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