Want a meditation practice that feels
compassionate and actually doable?

For years, I knew I “should” meditate – the benefits are widely known at this point – but struggled to make it a practice. And when I did meditate? I experienced a flood of judgment and felt plagued by distracting thoughts.

While I’ve experimented with a number of beautiful meditation practices, I kept coming back to lovingkindness practice, or metta. It’s a form of Buddhist meditation that instills a felt sense of well-being and loving feelings in the practitioner – and then sends that love outward into the world.


…amplify your self-compassion?
…create more of that compassion for everyone you encounter?
…claim healing even when the world breaks your heart?
…ground yourself in a meaningful meditation practice (that isn’t a drag)?

That’s just what Hella Metta does.

Whether you’ve tried meditation before and it just didn’t stick or you’re a dedicated practitioner looking to go deeper, lovingkindness is a potent invitation to compassion. It offers us more of what we all want: sweetness, interconnection, and self-acceptance.

When I began practicing lovingkindness nearly a decade ago, I had no idea what it would bring. I was looking for a way to counteract the anger I felt in my activism. Little did I know that my lovingkindness practice would become an essential ingredient in the longevity of my change-making work.

Lovingkindness helps to create the compassionate world
we all dream of.

Over the years, it’s seen me through grief, break-ups, and deep experiences with anxiety and depression. It’s also helped me offer myself more compassion and fall more in love with life and the world than I dreamed possible.

(Seriously: it reorganized the way I saw my family, my work as a spiritual activist and myself. It’s that amazing.)

What is metta?
I think of it as self-care in meditation form.

Through lovingkindness, you receive a direct experience of your own deep worth, and gain the tools for gorgeous self-care.

And I designed this course as a comprehensive self-care experience – and training in the heart practices that can see us through tough times. This short & sweet digital meditation course is all about lovingkindness: in both subject matter, and its very design.

Ultimately, it’s about bringing more compassion and care into your daily life and experience. This isn’t a stodgy, stoic meditation practice: this is love in action, in the face of the seemingly-impossible times in which we find ourselves.

Which is exactly what this course is: a heaping dose of self-compassion, lovingkindness, and heart training.


Hella Metta is about finding love…

even when the world breaks your heart.

Lovingkindness meditation practice lets us stake a claim to a radical kind of love: unconnected to accomplishment, praise, criticism or circumstance. Through lovingkindness, you’ll find a safe home in your own skin and profound respect for your precious self.

Plus, delight in the joy of others and rekindled adoration of those closest to you.

(This is spicy stuff!)

Hella Metta is now closed. Registration will open in Spring 2018.


What Hella Metta does:

Hella Metta is a step-by-step introduction to the practice of lovingkindness, designed to imitate the experience you would have on residential retreat. You’ll emerge from the course with a robust meditation practice you can apply to any situation and take with you anywhere.

This is a journey, a process of falling in love, over and over, with the whole world. This digital meditation course will take you back to your own heart. Meditation is renowned for its benefits: mental clarity, calm, improved sleep.

Metta in particular fills your whole being with an understanding of how deserving we are all of love: you, me, your best friend, our baristas, strangers on the street, and even the people with whom we experience conflict.

You’ll learn both the traditional form of the meditation, as well as how to customize your practice to fit your needs.


The flow of the course:

Hella Metta unfolds, step-by-step, with more than 20 audio meditations and an e-book/workbook to guide you. This is an independent-study meditation e-course.

>> The 10-day audio course:

  • once you purchase the course, you’ll receive 2 audio meditations each day for 10 days.
  • these 20 audio meditations will help you cultivate a robust lovingkindness practice – the same step-by-step process you’d learn in a residential retreat.
  • introduction to each layer of practice, plus practices to troubleshoot common meditation pitfalls.

>> Two e-books:

  • The Hella Metta Handbook, an e-book with written instructions for each practice, plus instructions for sitting with less pain and crafting a beautiful meditation space.
  • An essay collection on The Brahma Viharas, to dive deep into the Buddhist concept of the Four Abodes of the Heart: compassion, sympathetic joy, lovingkindness, and equanimity.

>> Gorgeous bonuses, including:

  • The Rings of Metta workbook to personalize your practice.
  • Inspiring and beautiful desktop and iPhone wallpapers.
  • Exclusive Spotify playlist designed to complement the course.
  • A robust resource guide with books, podcasts, and other yummy treats to bring lovingkindness to life.

*Plus lifetime access to all of the course materials*

This course is designed especially for:

  • World-changing individuals who are spreading love in this world.
  • Brand-new beginners and committed practitioners alike.
  • Anyone who wants self-care that gets to the root: our inner relationship with ourselves.

Investment: $97

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Who am I?


I’m Christy Tending

I’m a self-care mentor for rebellious humans who want to build a more compassionate world. (I’m also a writer, activist, and mama.)

I’m the creator of this website and this course, as well as a devoted dharma student and meditator.


Lovingkindness meditation – the practice you’ll find inside Hella Metta – has been at the core of my self-care practice for more than a decade. It’s one of the most effective practices I know for healing the root causes of burnout. I’ve personally been practicing this work for more than 10 years and have sat silent meditation retreat in metta.

I know firsthand that overcoming burnout is possible. I also know that if you want to build a more compassionate world, you need to begin with yourself. Hella Metta gives you that place to start.

Nuts and Bolts:

Is this course for beginners?

Welcome! And yes! I’m keeping it clear and heartfelt here, so you’re welcome to join with no prior experience.

Can I give this course as a gift?

I would be totally flattered if you decided to purchase this course for a loved one. Once you purchase, please email me with the email address for the gift recipient (and when you’d like me to inform them of this gift). I’ll send them an email letting them know about your generous gift (or wait, if you’d like notice sent on a particular day).

What about refunds & cancellations?

Due to the digital nature of this course, I respectfully do not offer refunds or cancellations. Please read this page carefully before you purchase to make sure that this course is for you. Want a quick chat to make sure this is right for you? Send me an email at and we’ll get you on the books. Once you purchase this program, that’s it!


Ready to dive in?

Investment: $97

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