Friday Circle :: kindness, joy, and cute, fuzzy animals

May 20, 2016

Each week, I round up some of my favorite self-care resources from around the web. Ideas for healing, joy, justice, and well-being. These are the self-care tips and resources that I believe in, that I use in my own life. I hope they serve you.

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Friday Circle - self-care resources for your weekend on- kindness, joy, and animals. Get the inside scoop --

From around the web:

My favorite breakfast of all time is this leek & swiss chard tart from Smitten Kitchen.

You are not lazy. Esmé’s writing on creativity is some of my favorite on the whole Internet, but this one is particularly important.

The power of animals. File this one under, “Who the hell is chopping onions in here?”
Also: Real Self-Care: Animals.

“I’m using big brush strokes here, of course, and on the other side of this there is so much amazingness in the world. Possibility and freedom, knowledge and progress. Art and music, inspiration and joy. And love, there is plenty of love. I see it and I feel it and it fills my heart. And yet there are still too many mornings when I look in the mirror and make a split-second judgement on my attractiveness.” A Call for Kindness from Susannah Conway.

My episode of Jumpstart Your Joy, a truly delightful podcast with fascinating folks. And this episode with Jennifer Lee is awesome.

I’m not a big video game person, but this one caught my eye. It looks so incredibly soothing – and the video trailer is absolutely adorable. The design is beautiful, plus, y’know, succulents.


Resources from me:

Vintage blog posts here & here.

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