Friday Circle – green smoothies, yoga, Prince and more!

June 24, 2016

Each week, I round up some of my favorite self-care resources from around the web. Ideas for healing, joy, justice, and well-being. These are the self-care tips and resources that I believe in, that I use in my own life. I hope they serve you.

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Looking for deep self-care? Try these self-care tips from around the web, including Prince, art journaling, green smoothies, and more creative self-care ideas. Find more (and free resources) inside! >>


From around the web:

Not what you think: 24 Things Women Over 30 Should Wear (Can we please talk about the flawlessness of Gabourey Sidibe? Sheesh.)

Joanna Macy on How to prepare internally for whatever comes next – I also featured two of her books on my Best Books for Self-Care list!

Love this: Travel journal and art supplies for your next adventure

A 7-day yoga challenge inspired by Prince from the amazing Dianne Bondy. It’s passed, but the video is great. Prince as self-study: all of the yeses! And if Dianne Bondy is not in your life (or at least your social media channels), this is your chance to catch some of her brilliance.

Green smoothie freezer packs: file this under “What didn’t I think of that?!” and “I need this in my life.” Related: Real Self-Care: Green Food

If looking out for your self-care means leaving your job or changing careers, I can’t recommend Michelle Ward’s Creative Live class, Ditch Your Day Job more highly!

This is so great and a super-fascinating way of turning diet culture on its head: A Day in the Life of 6 Intuitive Eaters.


Resources from me:

A vintage blog, where I get gushy, talk about my wedding, and challenge you to think long-term >> What is your invisible legacy?

Because magic is real and it is already in your life >> Magic and the sacred everyday

Real Self-Care: Journaling

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In my life:

After reading about it in Modern Farmer two years ago, SHED in Healdsburg has become one my sweetie’s and my favorite road trip destinations.

It’s the season for fresh tomato salads, watermelon water, sun tea, and afternoon ice cream.

I’m planning to take a mini-retreat in July. Want to learn more? Get all the details, plus a bunch of resources to tide you over!


Want more free resources?

Browse the free self-care resource garden for workbooks, journals, planners, practice guides and more >>

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