Friday Circle – chocolate mousse + tarot

June 3, 2016

Each week, I round up some of my favorite self-care resources from around the web. Ideas for healing, joy, justice, and well-being. These are the self-care tips and resources that I believe in, that I use in my own life. I hope they serve you.

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Looking for deep self-care? Try these self-care tips from around the web, including chocolate mousse, tarot for journaling, playlists for napping, and more creative self-care ideas. Find more inside! >>

From around the web:

Using tarot as a journaling tool. I love tarot and journaling, but have rarely used them in conjunction with one another. If you’re new to either, this is a great post. I love both the animal spirit and tarot decks from the Wild Unknown.

This chocolate mousse from 101 cookbooks looks simply incredible. I adore both of Heidi’s books, as well.

This essay on burnout and writing from Esmé Wang is an absolute must-read. Yes to this: “So drink a glass of water. Get a little bit more sleep. Eat something real. Of course, write. Write your heart out, of course. But not in a blaze of glory, please. Keep a steady flame.” We need you for the long haul.

What do you want to be when you grow up? (I’m pretty sure this is part commercial, but it’s nice. And, golly, Idris Elba’s voice is soothing!)

A playlist for napping? This is such a creative idea from That Hummingbird Life – and one I’ll have to try! For instrumental music, I love Garth Stevenson, a cellist.

I’m so flattered to have one of my posts featured over on Having Time. And I loved this post as well – it felt useful for me in the moment.

Vintage blogs:

Unconditional self-care

Lovingkindness: a meditation practice for world-changers

Demystify Self-Care with these simple questions/strategies

Plus: did you know that I made this sweet gratitude workbook and action guide? If you haven’t, have a peek!

In my life:

My new planner, the Get to Workbook

Anything John Masters Organics makes for hair feels like a gorgeous indulgence.


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There’s a new audio breathing practice over there this week!

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