Declaration of Sacred Focus (with a free self-care worksheet)

February 23, 2018

A declaration of Sacred Focus: discover and declare what's sacred to you. Get your free self-care worksheet inside! >>

A Declaration of Sacred Focus.

Sacred practice and self-care can feel a little serious, sometimes, can’t they? Devotion is lovely, but it can veer into drudgery if we’re not careful.

In that spirit, I’ve created a new (free!) fill-in-the-blank worksheet so you can discover and declare your Sacred Focus. Like a grown-up Mad Libs that’s all about self-care and what’s meaningful to you.

Let this be fun and light. Gather with friends and do it together. Print it out and fill it in over and over again, as needed.

If you’re feeling brave, post it to Instagram (and tag me @christytending!).

You can download the worksheet right here.

In this worksheet you’ll explore what feels meaningful, healing, and sacred to you – so that you can create more of it. You’ll commit to intentions and self-care practices. Plus, you’ll craft kind words to speak to yourself.

You’ll even consider what isn’t working – and how you can set those things down.

All of this adds up to Sacred Focus.

What is Sacred Focus, exactly?

Your Sacred Focus is comprised of the 3-5 areas of life 
where you are putting your most wholehearted attention and choosing to show up excellently. It’s a matter of paring things down to what is deeply meaningful so that we can be present there.

Once you have a sense of your Sacred Focus, you can engage in what I call the Art of Self-Advocacy: boldly declaring what we need in order to feel whole and well and like ourselves.

It’s how we harness our unique brilliance.

And it’s how we translate devotion into impact.

Sound good? Download the worksheet right here.

I hope you love it.

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