Ashley Beaudin: Collective Care Interview Series

December 5, 2016

Collective Care is a written interview series with people who are changing the world. Most often, these folks are working at the intersection of creative, healing, and/or activist work.

I’m in love with the idea of amplifying the work (and self-care practices) of people who are building a more compassionate world. In this series, I get to chat with people who inspire me like whoa.

Today we get to meet Ashley Beaudin!

Ashley Beaudin of the Imperfect Boss and Fire and Wind Co. on vulnerability, empowerment, and speaking with your heart. Read the Collective Care interview! >>

I first came across Ashley’s work earlier this year. Perhaps it was through her #theimperfectboss social media campaign, where she encourages online business owners to get real about their struggles (check that out, y’all). In my mind, she is epitomizes heart-felt online business, and I adore what she does. The Internet is certainly a kinder place for having her in it.

Ashley, take it away…

How are you changing the world?

(What is your change-making, healing, and/or creative work? This might be paid, unpaid or a combination.)

I love empowering women to enrich their lives and grow their businesses through heart and vulnerability. I believe that inside of every woman is an important work and a daring message. By helping them connect with their heart and story and move through things that hold them back, we get to see them bring everything. And that moves my heart and changes the world.

What challenges your heart in that journey?

What challenges my heart the most is that to do that work, I need to keep a wide open heart and to bring forth my message with vulnerability. That takes courage. That takes me facing my fears consistently to truly show up.

What inspires you to keep going?

My vision.

When I look into the sea of this generation of women, all I see is possibility.

That inspires me to never, ever quit.

How do you support yourself or tend to yourself and your heart in that process?

What nourishes and replenishes you?

I am big on this practice I created called The Heart Dialogue. It is the practice of intentionally sitting with your own heart and asking it questions. Embracing the silence and letting the answers rise in you. I use that whenever I can. It allows my heart to always feel tended to.

How do you experience care within community?

How do others support you in your journey and practice?

I open up my life to those I trust and invite them to do the same with me. By knowing what I need, sharing that with others and allowing them to step into my life to meet me where I am is not only healing, but highly supportive.

What’s your best piece of advice you have for people who want to make a difference?

Difference-makers, you’re my people. Cultivate your passion for changing the world and guard it like it is gold. Because it is. Stay soft. Don’t let adversity or criticism harden that in you or diminish it. Your light is needed and your work is necessary.

Paint us a picture of the more compassionate world and future you imagine.

I imagine a world where women are empowered to bring everything they hold inside with the confidence that it changes something when they step into a room. I imagine the solutions and transformations sitting in women right now rising to the surface to care for some of the biggest issues of our time. And I imagine a world where women are quick to empower one another and to sit at each other’s tables.

About Ashley:

Ashley is a heart encourager and movement maker. Ashley has a vision to empower thousands of women to enrich their lives and grow their businesses through heart and vulnerability. She’s also got a thing for bright colors, donuts and inspiring words.

How to connect:


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