9 Things You Gain from Sacred Focus

May 2, 2016

Sacred Focus : de-overwhelm your life & cultivate the everyday Sacred : Christy Tending Healing Arts : www.christytending.com : self-care and sacred ritual for world-changers

I’m so excited that my course, Sacred Focus, is open for registration again! This is some of my most potent work – that also happens to be one of my favorite things I do.

Your Sacred Focus, as defined in the course, is a way to determine what truly matters to you – so that you can apply your most precious attention there. It’s a way to show up fully and as your whole self for what matters most to you. Your family, your home, your creativity, your professional work, your side hustle.

Here’s the inside scoop on 9 things you’ll gain from Sacred Focus:

What’s a Sacred Focus – and what isn’t

Not everything is going to make the cut. Sacred Focus will show you how to identify what is most magical and important in your life – and what isn’t. It can be surprising to see that obligations, relationships, even goals, are not longer as precious as you thought. But it opens up so much energy for what does truly matter.

There is exuberant joy through doing less

There seems to be this notion that more joy means doing or having, well, more. Through polishing your life down to its most precious essentials, you’ll find more time, space and energy for what brings you the most joy. Maybe you need change. But maybe you just need to subtract what isn’t making your heart sing.

You have permission to say no – and shake up your life

When I first took myself through this process, I had been racking up new commitments like it was my job. In Sacred Focus, you’ll find your voice – and the permission – to say no, with confidence. You have the ability to get off the train to People Pleaser City. If it’s not a “woo-hoo!,” it’s a “sorry, I need to pass.” Sacred Focus is your hall pass.

The sacred is all around you

When you’re no longer overwhelmed or exhausted by your life, you’ll begin to see the tiny details that make up what I call, “the everyday sacred.” It’s not the exalted sacred of cathedrals or ornate temples, it’s the magic that weaves its way into our lives. It’s the small moments we miss when we’re caught in the web of “busy.” The way our food tastes, the way our neighborhood looks, the way our loved ones’ hands feel in ours.

You get to define “Enough”

How do you know when to stop if you’re not sure what “enough” is? If you’re running yourself ragged, defining your own sense of plenty is a good first step toward calm. When is enough really enough? If you’ve been an overachiever, if you’re looking for more mindfulness, “enough” is a good place to start. “Enough” is healing, it is honoring. “Enough” is not a disparagement, it is an act of self-care.

There’s not need to hold onto what doesn’t belong to you

Old attachments, outgrown narratives, someone else’s judgments – you may be carrying around some psychic stuff that doesn’t belong to you anymore. If it isn’t serving you, it’s okay to set it down. You can simply choose something else. A new passion, a fresh story, your own self-worth.

You can set yourself up for success

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when you’re playing by someone else’s rules.  Find out where you thrive, and what lights you up, and go toward that. You don’t have to be hampered by a rigged game. You can create the conditions for well-being by offering yourself the tools and conditions you need to flourish.

Your fate is not sealed

It’s never too late, and you’re never in too deep. I know it can feel that way sometimes, but you have great power. You can make change. You can craft a life that is infused with love, laughter, and purpose. There is a light at the end of the tunnel, and there is a safe path forward. You don’t have to stay in the dark of overwhelm. There is another way.

Celebration is sacred – parties are spiritual practice

If you’re rushing from one task to the next. If you’re accomplishing one thing, then moving the goalpost on yourself immediately, without pausing to acknowledge yourself… I’ve been there. You can be your own cheerleader. You can pause for a moment and recognize yourself for being the superstar you are. Celebration is about mindfully savoring your own awesomeness. It’s not gloating, it’s spiritual.

Sacred Focus : de-overwhelm your life & cultivate the everyday Sacred : Christy Tending Healing Arts : www.christytending.com : self-care and sacred ritual for world-changers

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Bonus lesson:

Sacred community or sangha is a gift

When you sign up for Sacred Focus, you’ll have access to special events and digital retreats, offered a few times a year – only for Sacred Focus students! There is beauty in sharing this journey. You’ll receive support not only from me, but from fellow travelers on the path. You may even find accountability buddies!

Your first retreat is coming up on December 21st!


On an energetic level, the effects of this work are amplified when we practice together.

Ready to dive in?


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