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November 20, 2015

2016 in Action : Christy Tending Healing Arts : www.christytending.com

Part two of two

In my last post, I talked about how I’m crafting 2016. This is all leading up to Sacred Focus: a six week course beginning in January.

This post is about what this looks like in action for me: what is my Sacred Focus for the coming year?  How will I be putting my dreams and values and passion into action, bringing them to life?

This is decidedly vulnerable, even daunting, but it’s key that you know: it’s a process for me too. And I’m on your side.

So here we go:

What do I want my year to be?

I want it to be soft. I want my year to be joyful and simple.

What do I want more of? Less of?

I want more laughter and less stuff.

What are the three things I want to accomplish?

  1. Do one silent meditation retreat.
  2. Start a podcast.
  3. Spend time with and nurture family.

How do I want the year to feel?

Easeful. Deliberate. Fun.

How do I want to arrive at the beginning of 2017?

Well-rested. Cheerful. Hungry for more.

And how does that translate?

In 2016, I’m focused on 5 main pursuits:

  1. Family: I’m spending more time with my and my husband’s family, as well as looking after our own mini-family (my husband and our two cats, Dorothy and Harriet).
  2. My business: I’m reaching thousands through my business – teaching yoga, developing useful products that serve people, and starting a podcast.
  3. Climate justice activism: working with a local group of friends to do work that pushes us toward a climate-stable and more just world.
  4. Making art: I’m spending time every week knitting, painting or making art in some other way. Maybe it’s working in the garden and making medicine. I have a fairly loose definition of “art”, but anything creative and generative will do.
  5. Travel: I’m traveling to new and favorite places, exploring food and culture, and spending time with loved ones while doing it.

Your year will likely look different from mine – and that’s great! I hope to inspire you to thoughtfully craft a new year that feels fabulous and authentically yours. If you’ve started thinking about it, what does your 2017 hold for you? What would you like it to?

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